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Unlike other OOP languages, the this keyword behaves differently. There are also differences between its strict mode and non-strict mode counterpart. As defined on MDN, this in non-strict mode refers to an object and in strict mode can be of any value. For example with Ruby, every line is executed inside an object. One can think of self in Ruby as the current object. So as soon as you explicitly call a method on another object, that object becomes self.


When calling this outside of a function (Global context) it refers to the global object whether in strict or non-strict…

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What are React Hooks?

“Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. They let you use state and other React features without writing a class.” — React Docs

Pretty straightforward definition. But why would we not want to use classes in React? One of the biggest reasons that many developers can relate to, is the usage of the this keyword. So much revolves around this and it is hard to fully understand how it works compared to other OOP languages.

Component Lifecycles

We will take a look at componentDidMount() , componentDidUpdate() , and componentWillUnmount() . All other lifecycle methods will be deprecated in React 17.


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If you have no idea what in the world ESLint is, well you’re in the right place. ESLint can be referred to as a pluggable JavaScript linter. Now what does that mean. Well it’s basically a tool used for identifying and reporting on problems in JavaScript. Which makes your code easier to maintain.

What’s next you say? Well let’s pull up our text editor and terminal and start the demonstration process !


Create a folder if you haven’t already and cd into that directory. Pull up the and console run npm init -y , what this will do is…


HyeYep! That’s right. I was just as surprised and still am now. This course is a masterpiece, an absolute must have for the aspiring Web Developer. Well at least the previous course was. This course however has been completely redone. From the ground up. With tons of additional content. And the most important to note, it’s all up-to-date with modern syntax as opposed to the previous edition that was released.

Now if you’ve never taken The Web Developer Bootcamp course before, there are always constant sales going on on Udemy, where you will find the course. At…

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